Sona Cruise by Filip Sedic

Filip Sedic Presents The Sona Cruise Personal Massager

Filip Sedic, the project leader of the awarded project Award Winning Sona Cruise Personal massager illustrates, Sona Cruise is a sonic massager that stimulates 75% more of your clitoris. Developed by Lelo, Cruise Control is a feature that reserves 20 <Cropped>

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Workspace by Yang Jianxun and Wu Minwen

Yang Jianxun and Wu Minwen Shows The Croyo Headquarters Workspace

Yang Jianxun and Wu Minwen, the creative mind behind the displayed project Workspace by Yang Jianxun and Wu Minwen says, Bearing in mind that the original intention of design is to serve people, the designers created this open-plan office where users <Cropped>

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Moho Art Prize

Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given to The Best International Talents in Contemporary Art.applications Are Reserved For Artists Under 50 Years Old. Applications Are Open to Artists of Any Nationality. Moho Art Prize Is An Important Award Given To

Moho art prize is an important award given to the best international talents in contemporary art.applications are reserved for artists under 50 years old. applications are open to artists of any nationality. Moho art prize is an important award give <Cropped>

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Enn by Erling-Keeps Wireless Earphones in Place by Jens Munkeby

Jens Munkeby Presents The Enn by Erling Keeps Wireless Earphones in Place

Jens Munkeby, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Enn by Erling Keeps wireless earphones in place points out, With Apple’s AirPods small size, they can be easy to lose track of. The Enn is our way to set those fears aside. Enn <Cropped>

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Xie Suting's Le Temps Patisserie Dessert Shop

Xie Suting Designs The Le Temps Patisserie Dessert Shop

Xie Suting, the thinktank behind the displayed design Xie Suting's Le Temps Patisserie Dessert Shop points out, The shop is situated in an old plant within a creative industrial park. The space was designed in a minimalist style with white, gray <Cropped>

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Entries Sought For a Mobility and Transportation Design Award Competition

Designers Are Welcome to Submit Their Best Vehicle Designs For Awards Consideration

This category includes designs for bicycles, motor powered items like motorcycles, cars, trains, ships, boats, buses, planes, yachts, scooters, four-wheelers, and more. The designer does not have to be an established designer. The best designs in veh <Cropped>

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Corporate Building:corporativo Financiero Tlalpan by Gerardo Broissin

Gerardo Broissin Shares The Corporativo Financiero Tlalpan Corporate Building

Gerardo Broissin, the maker of the highlighted design Corporate Building:Corporativo Financiero Tlalpan by Gerardo Broissin points out, As the second phase of a 40,000 sqm. expansion, this structure transcends in the context as a well-ordered volum <Cropped>

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Delband-Pendant by Zohreh Pahlevan

Zohreh Pahlevan Spotlights The Delband Pendant

Zohreh Pahlevan, the creator of the highlighted project Pendant :Delband by Zohreh Pahlevan illustrates, The first sound that a baby hears in utero is their mother’s heartbeat. The Delband pendant symbolizes the supportive heart of a mother, pregna <Cropped>

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Educational Tool by Karolina Petraityte

Karolina Petraityte Exhibits The Chem Tokens Educational Tool

Karolina Petraityte, the creator of the award winning project Chem Tokens by Karolina Petraityte says, Chem Tokens is a fun and innovative new way of learning chemistry, which is usually the most difficult subject for pupils to understand. This tool <Cropped>

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Oriental Cultural Demeanor by Lo Shih Che

Lo Shih Che Spotlights The Oriental Cultural Demeanor Residential House

Lo Shih Che, the designer of the displayed work Residential House by Lo Shih Che explains, The residential interior design draws upon oriental cultural ambiance for inspiration, where myriads of stone materials are used to sculpt the cultural foundat <Cropped>

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