David Hsiao's Chien Residence Ii Private Residence

David Hsiao Shows The Chien Residence Ii Private Residence

David Hsiao, the designer of the highlighted design Private Residence by David Hsiao says, The main approach is to let calming atmosphere of stone and warm texture of wood play the magic in the generous interior area. We chose the neutral and mild co <Cropped>

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Fast Food Restaurant by J. Candice Interior Architects

J. Candice Interior Architects Spotlights The Cafe De Coral Fast Food Restaurant

J. Candice Interior Architects, the thinktank behind the award winning project Award Winning Cafe de Coral Fast Food Restaurant demonstrates, The design of the 5th Generation Cafe De Coral is to create a luxurious yet comfortable environment with the <Cropped>

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Auxiliary Table by Luciano Santelli

Luciano Santelli Reveals The Petra Auxiliary Table

Luciano Santelli, the author of the highlighted design Petra - Auxiliary Table by Luciano Santelli spells out, in Petra, the designer mixes marble and metal in a design inspired by jewelry. The bottom of the table has a counterweight, made out of mar <Cropped>

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Lay's Summer Days Ltd Edition Packaging-Food Packaging by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Presents The Lay's Summer Days Ltd Edition Packaging Food Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the designer of the displayed design Lay's Summer Days Ltd Edition Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation points out, PepsiCo set out to embrace its distinction as the planet’s most popular snack brand wi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Splice Floor Lamp

Zhipeng Lee Presents The Splice Floor Lamp

Zhipeng Lee, the maker of the awarded design Floor Lamp by Zhipeng Lee explicates, The concept of Lee, about how to build a space with closing nature. So, he use linen and MDF to design a floor lamp. The structure of the MDF board has been redesigned <Cropped>

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Mixed-Use Building:capital Tower by Collaborative Architects + Partners

Collaborative Architects + Partners Designs The Capital Tower Mixed-Use Building

Collaborative Architects + Partners, the author of the highlighted design Mixed-Use Building by Collaborative Architects + Partners says, A mix of uses - residential, offices and retails - creates an iconic building. The form of the tower was deter <Cropped>

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San Siro Stadium Sky Lounge-Stadium Hospitality by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The San Siro Stadium Sky Lounge Stadium Hospitality

The lead designer of the awarded design San Siro Stadium Sky Lounge by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, The project of the new San Siro Stadium Sky Lounges is just the first step of the huge renovation program that A.C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale, <Cropped>

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Smart Sunglasses For Sports by Afshin Mehin Mehin

Afshin Mehin Mehin Illustrates The Recon Jet Hud Sunglasses Smart Sunglasses For Sports

Afshin Mehin Mehin, the author of the awarded project Recon Jet HUD sunglasses - Smart Sunglasses for Sports by Afshin Mehin Mehin points out, The first generation of consumer smartglass for sports and high intensity environments. We were inspired to <Cropped>

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Pendant by Olga Yatskaer

Olga Yatskaer Exhibits The Eternal Union Pendant

Olga Yatskaer, the project leader of the award winning design Pendant by Olga Yatskaer spells out, The Eternal Union by Olga Yatskaer, a professional historian who decided to pursue a new career of a jewelry designer, looks simple yet full of meaning <Cropped>

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Restaurant:noodle Stand by Artta Concept Studio

Artta Concept Studio Portrays The Noodle Stand Restaurant

ARTTA Concept Studio, the thinktank behind the awarded design Noodle Stand - Restaurant by ARTTA Concept Studio explains, A design that is kept simple and unique attracting customers to come inside from the entrance. Using neon signage combined wit <Cropped>

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