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A Thousand Masks

This design originates from Yingge dance, one of the non-material cultural heritages in Chaoshan region, Guangdong Province, China. It uses the line of Yingge facial makeup as a basic form. And the 2D shape is processed into a 3D modelling. A contrast of density and spacing enriches the space effect. The dense part adopts the traditional Chaozhou embroidery in Chaoshan, adding new content to the design. The metal part is made of gold, lifting the sense of modern and quality.

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Fusing and Freezing

The porcelain embedding is a traditional craft in China. Ceramic chips are glued together with cement to decorate buildings. This design combines the abstract organic form of cement with the metal casting geometric form, signifying the contrast between tradition and modernity. The copper is processed with the craft of porcelain embedding, presenting a new look of traditional craft with its modern form, material and texture.

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Fire & Earth

It is interesting to observe how the same object can inspire different people in different ways. During the creative process every artist brings out part of their story, experience and culture and imprints it into their work. In realising this project, UK-based Italian artisan Roberta Pederzoli creates a collection where Italian culture and Scottish landscape are intertwined. Every piece is carefully crafted with consideration for texture and colour, creating a sensation of fairy-tale elegance and enchantment by delicately brushing colour over the jewellery.

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Elemental Classic Series II

Born from a devotion for the unique and prestigious, MYKU creates its revered timepieces from semi-precious stones using top-of-the-line techniques. MYKU is committed to creating intrinsic and timeless designs, carefully crafted from materials that will withstand the test of time. Both the cultural symbolism and the natural beauty of the selected and elusive, yet significant, stones inspire MYKU. For centuries, the practical application of stone has included use in architecture, art and jewelry.

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Nine Origin 2730 Limited Edition

Nine origin 2730 is our tribute to the way hand made designer eyewear should always be made. No shortcuts, just pure Japanese know-how that has been brought down through generations in order to be able to make the perfect product. A combination optical frame, made from original Japanese made acetate, grade 2 medical Titanium and Beta Titanium. In order to obtain the flexibility and lightness of this piece, we had to create an even more delicate and complicated structure than normally used for optical frames.

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The Garden

Combining modern formation of design philosophy with classic Chinese aesthetics, The Garden is a fine jewelry collection that made of nephrite and jadeite, gold, ruby and diamond. The exquisite metal structure presents the combination of virtual and real, meanwhile emphasize the concise beauty of jade.

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